Why Didn’t Obi-wan Kill Darth Vader? 

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The finale of Kenobi didn’t disappoint and neither did the battle between Obi wan and Darth Vader. From their first fight in the series, it left fans wanting to see Obi wan be what he use to be. To see Obi wan embrace the skilled Jedi inside him like he was in the prequel trilogy was so refreshing and fulfilling. Not only did he stand up to Vader, but he defeated him. There is no doubt Obi wan isn’t a shell of his former self, but a true jedi. However, like in revenge of the Sith, Kenobi didn’t finish the job. He left Vader to live.

For Revenge of the Sith, there are plausible reasons why Obi wan didn’t finish Anakin: he thought the fire would kill him, he didn’t know the empire would save him, he felt sorry for him. But in the series, one wouldn’t expect Obi wan to make the same mistake, unless it wasn’t. Here are reasons why Ob iwan didn’t kill Darth vader.

What’s the point?

The Empire rules the galaxy, the jedi order is destroyed, and the remaining jedi are hunted. At this point in the Star Wars timeline, there isn’t any force that could oppose and take down the empire. So for Kenobi to kill Darth Vader, it wouldn’t change anything in the grand scheme of things. Palpatine would still be the emperor and would use one of the inquisitors as his apprentice. As far as the empire goes, blowing up the death star would have more of an effect on their power than killing Darth Vader. So for Obi Wan, after defeating Darth Vader, it wouldn’t make any difference to kill him.

It’s not part of the plan

The point of fighting Darth Vader in the series was to draw him away from the rebels. In the last episode, the empire was on the tail of the rebel ship, so Obi Wan drew them away by luring Vader to go after him. This allowed the rebels and Leia to escape. By doing this, obi wan accomplished his goal. Anything more is extra.

He just couldn’t.

Obi wan said it himself in Revenge of The Sith that he loved Anakin, he was his brother. With the years he spent with Anakin, it could be hard to kill him no matter the circumstance, or how much he wants to, just like Luke not killing Anakin.

Plot convenience

The simple reason that Obi wan didn’t kill Anakin, is because of the plot. We need him to be alive for the last 3 episodes. Unless this is an alternate timeline where Kenobi kills Darth Vader. Or better yet, he kills him and somehow it messes up the timeline, so now they have to go back in time with the Star trek enterprise to fix it. I’m kidding.

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