Citizens of the Future

WARNING! This story is for mature audiences only. It contains strong language, extreme violence, and explicit sexual content. If you are underage or not mature enough, please refrain from reading this story. I have other writings that are more suitable for general audiences. I am not responsible for any hurt feelings.

DISCLAIMER: This story was written when I was around 20-21 years old back in 2017-2019. At that time, I found the world to be so absurd that it felt almost satirical to me. This story reflects that perspective at that time. It’s important to understand that this story is intended for mature readers who can appreciate the satirical elements within the writing. This story does not represent my general body of work, as I have refined my writing content and style over the years.

In a world where posting offensive comments online is illegal, and agent for the T.D.A. Troll Defense Agency, finds himself on the run after being framed for hateful comments.

Caiden Maxwell knocked on the door number 69 that had its 9 hanging off. The numbers were rusted and the hallways he stood in had trash scattered across its floor, and holes in the walls. He was wearing a suit, and a bulletproof vest over it. In his hand was his pistol, and behind him stood 3 men and 1 woman in fully padded armor, and helmets, all holding assault rifles. Caiden knocked again.

“Philip Moore,” Caiden called out. It’s the Troll Defense Agency. Open up.”

“What for?” the cold voice on the other side of the door asked.

“We have a warrant for your arrest for your troll and hateful comments on the social media site Tigro. If you don’t open up, we’ll be force to bust this door down,” Caiden explained.

“Fuck you.”

Caiden nodded to the woman. She took out a black square that turned into a full blown battery ram. They all stood back as she rammed the door in, and they rushed into the apartment. Inside they found a man with a wild beard and black circles around his eyes, sitting at a table in front of them typing away on his computer with headphones. He typed very fast as his eyes were a slave to the screen. 

The apartment room smelled like shit causing looks of disgust to surface around Caiden and his crew’s faces. 

“What the fuck?” one of his crew said, as they looked to the ground where feces laid. 

On the television screen hung to the wall was a porn flick playing where two women were getting fucked. One of Caiden’s men, who seemed to be a young guy had his eyes glued to the screen. Caiden took notice.

“Kirby, focus,” Caiden ordered while keeping his eyes and gun on Philip.

Kirby shifted his eyes away.

“Put your hands up, motherfucker!” Caiden yelled.

Philip kept typing not paying attention to them.

“Did you not hear me? Last warning!” Caiden screamed.

Philip stopped typing and shifted his eyes to them. 

“Fuck you!” Philip yelled as he brandished a keyboard from underneath his chair. 

The keyboard he held in his hands had a barrel attached to it, and a handle with a trigger. Just as he was about to pull the trigger, Caiden and his team lit his ass up. The bullets tore through his body, spraying his blood throughout the room. When the gunfire died down, Philip’s body laid slumped in his chair, bloodied. Hicks who had a stylish mustache and slick back hair approached the computer, seeing that out of all the other things, miraculously it was untouched by the bullets.

“Holy shit,” Hicks laughed. “Deus ex machina!” 

Caiden looked at the computer, seeing it was now locked. Caiden grabbed Philip’s head, and put it up to the retinal scanner on the computer. The computer scanned Philip’s eye, giving access. Kirby went over to the computer and started typing on it, and he brought up Philip’s Tigro page, showing all of his posts. 

@SenatorSilverman You’re a fucking dumb cunt, I hope you get hang you socialist bitch! 

@IAMBlankenship Lmfao your acceptance award speech was so fucking stupid. No wonder why nobody watches the show anymore. Burn in hell.

@HooversGhost  You’re a fucking nazi pig! Your comments about banning abortions are evil, and I hope you get shot! 

“Damn, this is a hateful person,” Kirby observed. “I’m glad he’s dad.”

“Watch it now,” Hicks chuckled wavering his gun at Kirby. “Say too much, and we might have to come after you.”

Everyone in the room laughed. Kirby grabbed Philip’s fingers, and put them on the screen. 

“I have his password now,” Kirby admitted. 

“Great, delete that son of a bitch’s account,” Caiden instructed.

Kirby pressed a button and Philip’s account disappeared.

“It’s done.”

They all cheered.

“Drinks on me!” Caiden yelled excitedly. 

Inside the bar, Caiden laid back as he took a shot of his glass. In the corner he saw Hicks fucking a woman as she laid on top of him in the chair. Caiden chuckled and went back to drinking. Hicks came over to him as he buckled up his pants, panting as well. 

“Hey, won’t you come over, and have some of the ladies we have for you?” Hicks offered.

“I’m in a relationship, dude,” Caiden stated.

“Shit, so is Kirby, and look at him.”

Caiden spotted Kirby, eating a girl’s ass on top of a table while a group of guys and women cheered him on. 

“Polygamy is the sign of the times!” Hicks exclaimed proudly.

“Not for me. I’m old fashion.”

Hicks gave Caiden a playful shove. 

“Like hell you are.”

As Caiden pulled up to his suburban house. His phone rang and a holographic projection of a plump lady appeared from the dashboard.

“Joan, what can I do for you?” Caiden asked. 

“Hi, sir. Sir, we’ve received your report about Philip. I’m here to tell you that since that was your 100th kill, you will be awarded a medal this Saturday.”

Caiden was delighted.

“That’s good news,” Caiden cheered.

“It is indeed. Congratulations.”

Caiden strutted into the living room that was filled with decorations and paintings. Marilyn, who was wearing makeup with her hair done was watching a game show on tv. Her eyes were glued to the screen as she was enthralled. When she saw Caiden in the house, she bounced up from the couch, revealing her pregnant stomach sticking out past her waist. She rushed over to him, giving him a hug and kisses. 

“Are you alright?” she asked. “I heard what happened on the news.”

“Of course I am. Just some internet thug who thought he was a badass,” Caiden told with smugness and cockiness. 

“The only bad ass around here is you,” Marilyn praised.

“You damn right.”

Caiden grabbed Marilyn by the ass and brought her in close forcefully, as she liked it. They kissed.

“I’m getting a medal for all I have done.”

“Damn, you’re making me wet,” Marilyn moaned before giving him another kiss. She felt on her stomach. “You’re going to make a great dad.”

An audience of people dressing fancy filled the ballroom as Caiden stood by the podium on stage while Marilyn sat in the front row enthused. Right beside Marilyn sat Hicks who whispered something in Marilyn’s ear causing her to giggle. Deputy Director Bruce Helms, a tall bald headed man was giving his speech. 

“And I would like to award the medal of liquidation to Caiden Maxwell. For displaying extraordinary force in combating these trolls. It’s people like him who keeps the online community safe.”

The crowd clapped as the Bruce placed the medal around Caiden’s neck. They shook hands, and Caiden strolled to the podium. 

“This is what big balls look like,” Caiden announced holding up the medal causing the crowd to chuckle. “100 kills, that’s how many internet thugs I put down. One mother fucking hundred. I’m The Punisher, Robocop, Judge Dredd rolled up into one. I’m the fucking shit!” 

Everyone got up and clapped as Caiden looked on high and mighty.  During the reception, as everyone talked and dined, Allan McCone, approached Caiden as he was getting a drink. 

“Congratulations,” Allan stated shaking Caiden’s hand. 

“Thank you, sir. I’m just trying to make the internet a safer place, killing one troll at a time.”

“About that, we’ve located the possible origins of the troll farm where the hackers responsible for the North America elections hack came from. It’s somewhere in Mexico. We’re getting closer”

“Mexico? Caiden asked astonished.

“I know that’s not what you expected, but Brazil has people all over. We’re getting closer, and when we do, you’re leading the team.”

“How’s it going?” Bruce uttered approaching the two.

“Deputy Director Helms,” Allan stated. “I was just telling Caiden about how we found the troll farm responsible for the Election Day hacks.”

“I hope it’s the one, and not one of your many false alarms like last time,” Bruce scorned.

“I assure you this time, we have them.” Allan raised his glass. “See you two around.”

As Allan walked away, Bruce kept a glare on him. 

“Something wrong, sir,” Caiden asked.

“It’s just Allen. He always has a way of messing up.”

“We all make mistakes.”

“No reason to defend him Maxwell, especially after what I have to tell you,” Bruce declared. He got in closer to Caiden. “Not many people know this, so keep this between the two of us. The director is getting a cabinet positon, so I’m next in line in running the agency.”

“Congratulations, sir.”

Bruce put his hand out, stopping Caiden of his praises.

“So that will leave the deputy positon open, and I have you in mind of replacing me,” Bruce revealed.

“Me?” Caiden asked in disbelief. “Why me? Allan is lead of operations, everyone knows he’s next in line.”

“True, but he has been a big screw up, even you can’t deny that, especially after the fail raid on Denza’s Den. But you, after all you have done in the field, we can use someone like you at this positon. You deserve it.”

“I don’t know what to say, sir,” Caiden admitted.

“Nothing if you don’t want to.” 

Bruce kept talking, but Caiden lost his focus when he noticed Hicks talking to Marilyn who was laughing at what he said. Hicks was up close to her as well. 

“Sorry, sir, but can you excuse me?” Caiden asked.

“Sure thing, it’s your night.”

Caiden walked over to the two. Catching sight of him, Hicks approached him, with his arms out, and hugged him.

“You’re the fucking man!” Hicks told. “I fucking love you.”

Hicks kissed Caiden on the cheek which Caiden instantly wiped off. Caiden could smell the alcohol on Hicks’ breath. Hicks bounced away as he laughed, leaving Marilyn with Caiden. 

“What were you talking to my brother about?” Caiden asked. 

“Oh he was just telling me jokes about the job,” she responded smiling.

“Oh,” Caiden spoke nodded his head.

“Hey, there’s a nice area here where we won’t be disturbed, what you say we try it out?” 

Caiden caught her drift and her gorgeous smiling showing off her white teeth. He couldn’t resist as he smiled. She grabbed his hand, and took her with him. In the secluded bathroom, Caiden had Marilyn up against the sink as he kept pumping up her up. A man and a woman waked in, and halted at them. Caiden and Marilyn froze seeming surprised. The man and woman laughed, and left the room. 

“It seems everyone respects your privacy,” Marilyn laughed.

Caiden kept screwing. 

“Hey you keep fucking me like that, I think the baby will pop at any minute.”

They laughed as they made love. 

As Caiden drove to work the next morning, he received a call.

“We have pinpointed the exact location of the troll farm,” Joan revealed. “When you get here, your team will already be getting ready to go.”

Caiden slapped his hands.

“Let’s go! I can’t wait to put them fuckers down!” Caiden cheered.

When Caiden got to the locker room, he paused with a puzzle look at the sight of nobody in there. He went to Allan’s office who had a concern look on his face as he just stared at the wall.

“Sir, where is my team?” Caiden asked.

“Forget about the raid. It was the wrong location,” Allen admitted. “Now if you will excuse me, I’m going to have my ass chewed by the deputy director.”

Caiden nodded and walked away. When he got to his office, he saw Joan standing there.

“Joan, what are you doing here?” 

“It’s your emails. You have so many right now.”

“Okay, just mute them until the end of the day. You know the routine.”

“But this is different, all the notifications are coming from your Tigro account.”

“I don’t have a Tigro account.”

“Yes, you do, I have your login information right here.”

Joan showed Caiden a tablet. He went over to his computer, and got onto the Tigro website where he inputted the information. Suddenly his eyes widen and he shut his laptop.

“What is it sir?” 

“Joan, can you please excuse me.”

He waited for her to leave as his heart rate increased. Once she was gone, he opened the laptop where he saw his Tigro account. It was his picture, a bio about him, and all of his post. 

@SelenaOdom is unattractive and so ugly. No wonder why her rich husband left her and fucked her sister. 

Lmfao, people get mad about police brutality. Next time don’t break the law, fucking idiots. 

He was completely shocked at the next one. 

Why the fuck are we giving so much money to illegals from outer space who can’t even speak English? Go back to Mars, you dirty space niggers.

The post ran down all continuing as Caiden grew more anxious reading them. They all started today, and the account was made today. He saw the comments on his post. 

@CaidenMaxwell you’re a fucking moron

@CaidenMaxwell dude don’t you work for the T.D.A? I can’t wait to see them bust your ass

@CaidenMaxwell That’s fucking racist and insensitive you little dick prick!

@CaidenMaxwell Hey asshole, saying the n word and not being a minority is a minimum 25 years in the reeducation camps. Saying it with a hard er is an automatic life in prison.  

He went over to the settings and deleted the account, resting back in his chair after he did it. Letting out a huge breath of relief, he knew he had dodge a big one. Coming out of his office, he tiptoed. 

“Sir,” Joan called out. 

Caiden went over to her. 


“I’m seeing more Tigro notifications coming up.

“That’s impossible, I deleted the account.”

“That’s not what is says.”

Caiden went on his phone, and typed in his name on Tigro. He saw there were dozens of accounts of his, all being made this day, all showing offensive post. He couldn’t believe his eyes as his heart dropped, and his feet felt cold. He slowly backed away, and started walking until he came face to face with Hicks and a bunch of agents all looking at him with concern looks.

“Hicks?” Caiden blurted out as the stood across from each other in the middle of the office.

People started turning their attention to the scene.

“Caiden, look you’re going to have to come with us.”

“Is this some kind of joke?” 

“I wish it was, but this is serious.

“Dude, that wasn’t me. I didn’t make those post. I don’t even have a Tigro account!”

“The proof was there. We just want to talk to you.”

“I know how this works.”

The agents were slowly approaching Caiden. 

“Don’t do anything stupid, brother,” Hicks mentioned.

Caiden backed up a little bit, then he pulled out his gun causing gasps in the rom. The agents placed their hands on their guns, but didn’t take them out. 

“Wait!” Hicks called out. “We don’t want this to get out of hand, just put down the gun.”

Caiden kept backing up. Behind him was a window. He looked out it, and saw the many floors they stood up upon. He spotted a cart next to him. 

“Fuck this,” Caiden asserted. 

He shot out the window near him, and grabbed the court. 

“Caiden!” Hicks yelled.

Caiden pushed the cart towards the open space in the window, and jumped on it as it rolled out. In midair, Caiden stood close on the window, as the ground was getting closer to him. On impact, he bounced off the car, and fell into the grass. He stood on the ground, groaning until he got the strength to slowly get to his feet. He saw agents running out the front door. 

“Shit!”  he muttered. 

He ran to his car, and sped out the parking lot. Flying down the road, Caiden was sweating as he fretted. He saw a digital billboard of a lady in a bikini eating a burger. It changed into his picture with the words in red letters WANTED. 


When he got home he stormed into the house.

“Marilyn, I need help!” Caiden called out. 

He heard no answer as he didn’t’ see her. Which was odd since she would usually be watching her game show at this time. Suddenly Marilyn came out from the side with a knife, he ducked as she struck at him. 

“Marilyn, what the fuck are you doing?” Caiden asked shocked. 

“You son of a bitch!” she roared.

She charged at him against, swinging violently at him. He kept backing up, dodging the knife as it strike the air. As he dodged the knife, he saw a drop of blood fall onto it from his cheek, so close. She struck again, and Caiden knocked the knife out her hand.

“Babe would you just-.”

She smacked him across the face with a punch to his surprise. He was in question on how a pregnant lady could move with such precision and speed, but most of all how his girlfriend of 6 years Marilyn could fight; he never knew she could. With Caiden still in surprise, Marilyn grabbed a vase and threw it at him. He docked and when he looked back up, there she was charging with the knife. He had it. He stepped out the way, and threw her against the wall where she dropped the knife. She tried to move forward, but he kicked her right in the chest, sending her to the ground. When she looked up, he slugged her right in the mouth knocking her out. 

“Shit,” Caiden groaned looking disappointed. 

He heard the sirens and ran out the house, getting into the car before they came. 

Inside the house, Hicks and a crew of agents inspected the house as Hicks talked to Marilyn who had an icepack on her face.

“Was he acting strange or anything,” Hicks asked. 

“A little bit, but I would have never suspected him to post those things, or attack me out of nowhere. Can you save him before he gets hurt?”

“That’s what we want to do. I’m going to try.”

“They told me he said the n word,” Marilyn brought up. She grew incredibly scared. “With a hard er!” 

Hicks nodded.

“We’re 1 percent black. One of our ancestors was a slave,” Hicks revealed, causing Marilyn to let out a huge breath of relief. “But that doesn’t take away all that he did. We’re going to try our best, I promise.”

As the agents left the house, Hicks walked with them, but stopped at the door. He waited for them all to leave, and then he turned back around and gave Marilyn a kiss on the lips which she embraced, grabbing his head. When they separated, they looked at each other like love sick puppies. 

“You did good lying,” Hicks asserted. 

“Thank you. That son of a bitch was hard to kill.”

“How’s our son,” Hicks asked looking down at Marilyn’s stomach. 

He put his hand on it, and felt it. 

“He’s fine,” Marilyn smiled. 

“I’ll make him pay,” Hicks declared, then left. 

Caiden’s mind raced back and forth as his car race down the street, he was surprised that he hadn’t caused police to come after him from driving too fast. Just blowing his horn, at cars as they moved out the way of the speedy asshole near them. He wondered how the fuck this could have happened. Why in the world was he in this mess? Who was behind this? Hicks? Caiden thought. They were brothers, but anything could be possible now. What was he getting snickering about with Marilyn at the ball? If he really has something to do with this, then that son a bitch, stoop to the lowest. 

He needed time to think, when he wasn’t behind the wheel. He pulled over to the side of the ride by a gas station, and turned off the car. He laid back, thinking about everything. 

Allan walked into the middle of the office where everyone surrounded him, giving their eyes to him. 

“Alright, everyone, as you all know, Special Agent in Charge Caiden Maxwell is wanted for his hateful and abusive comments. Special Agent Hicks will be in charge in bringing him in.”

Allan moved out the way as Hicks stepped into the middle.

“I know how you all feel about my brother and what he has done for all of us, but the law is the law, and we must bring him in,” Hicks explained.

“Is it possible that Caiden was framed,” someone asked.

“Possibly. Which is why we need to bring him in to get this sorted out.

“But you guys just said he is being charged.”

Hicks tripped over his words, not being able to say anything. Allan stepped back in. 

“He is being charged, so bringing him in is the only way this will be fixed.”

Everyone got the message and walked away. Hicks stepped to the side answering his phone that said Marilyn was calling. 

“Did you get him yet?” Marilyn asked as she laid in a bubble bath with candles. 

“No, we just started, give us time babe,” Hicks replied talking low. 

“Well I can’t wait much longer. He needs to be put down, so it can just be you and me,” Marilyn started moaning and talking low. “I’m getting so wet and horny, just thinking about you.”

Hicks crossed his legs as his eyes widened. 

“Don’t worry babe, I got you.”

He hung up and went on. In the bathroom Hicks was taking a shit while 3 guys were washing their hands. 

“You think Hicks is fucking Caiden’s girl?” one of the guys said. 

“His brother? Why’d you think that?”

“Word around the agency is that they have the hots for each other. I saw them on multiple occasions being up close to each other like at the ball, the Deputy Director’s daughter’s wedding, many more times.”

“I wouldn’t doubt it. My cousin went to college with her, and he said she was a freak back then. She was having 5 dude gang bangs daily.”

“Shit, I’d love to be Hicks then right about now. Brother out the house, and all that fine piece of ass all to myself.”

They laughed. When Hicks got out, they instantly stopped as he watched them with a calm face. They swallowed hard on their young faces. All of them looked like they just got out of high school. 

“Sir,” one of them stated. 

“Don’t let me stop you,” Hicks declared smiling. “Go on, I want to hear what you have to say about my brother’s girlfriend.”

“Oh we were just playing around.”

“Oh playing around? Well I do like to have a good joke as well,” Hicks claimed. 

He throat chopped the one in front of him, causing him to grab his throat as he chocked. The choking man hit the ground coughing harshly. Hicks grabbed the other one’s face and brought his knee up, smashing it to the man’s nose. The man flopped to the ground with blood gushing out. The last one ran, but Hicks took out his gun and shot him in the back of the knee. 

Looking at the two wounded men in front of him, Hicks glared at their bodies. He took turns stomping both men out to a bloody pulp until they were motionless and their faces were swollen. He then stalked over to the crawling men by the door who was groaning in pain as he left a blood trail. Hicks got in front of him as he cried.

“Look, we’re just IT, we were just fooling around,” the man cried holding his hand out.

Hicks grabbed the man’s wrist and bent it back, causing him to yell even more. 

“You like fooling around, do you?” Hicks asked with a menacing stare. “Well so do I.”

Hicks got on top of the man, and unloaded his punches at him. As Hicks punched the man’s face, blood spurted up getting on Hicks cheek. He licked the blood off, with a smile like it delighted him, and he kept beating the man’s face in. When he finally stopped, he was breathing heavily as he stood over the mud hole face man. Hicks got up and looked into the mirror where he fixed his hair. 

The door open, and the incoming man stopped at the sight in front of him. Hicks gave him a smile, and the man ran out. Hicks strutted out the bathroom without washing his hands, leaving a pool of bodies and blood behind him.

The man from the bathroom rushed into Allan’s office.

“Sir, Hicks beat up some IT guys again,” the man revealed.

“God damn it,” Allan sighed. “Send some more in from the high school.”

A knock on the car window caused Caiden to wake up startled. When he looked ot he side his heart dropped at the sight of the police officer. 

“Sir, is there a reason why you’re sleeping on the side of the road in your car?”

Great, he doesn’t know yet, Caiden thought. 

“Oh…. I…. um,” Caiden stammered, then he smiled. “Just resting my eyes.”

The officer didn’t look convinced. 

“Sir, can I see your licenses and registration please,” the officer asked.

Caiden knew the officer had no right to do so, and with his knowledge of the law, he could instantly get the officer to be going the other way, but it was too risky especially how anything out of the ordinary may raise higher suspicion. Just as Caiden thought about what he should do next, a woman rushed towards the officer

“Officer!” the woman called out. “There’s a man at the café saying Jesus was a white man and it’s offending many of our diverse customers. You have to stop it.”

The officer took out his gun. 

“God damn hoodlums,” the officer uttered. He turned to Caiden. “You have a good day sir.”

The officer ran towards the café as the woman followed. Caiden laid back in his sit breathing hard. He couldn’t afford being caught slipping again, he had to get this figured out, but who could he ask? Then he thought about it, and it hit him. Bruce Helms. He started up his car, and drove off, with a new goal in mind. 

A knock on the door came at night. The door opened, and Allan faced Hicks. 

“Hicks, what do you need this late?” Allan asked.

“It’s about Caiden, I think I found something.”

Inside Hicks stood up as Allan was sitting on the couch listening to him. 

“Is was right there in front of us this whole time,” Hicks told pacing back and forth. “All those accounts were created today. Over 100 accounts were created at the same time. There was no way Caiden made all of them.”

“We both know people have used paid services to create accounts for them, so they wouldn’t have to do it mandatory. It wouldn’t be a surprise if that was how he did it.”

“That’s what I thought at first, fair enough, so I done some digging. Got into Tigro’s files, and I found out all those accounts were created one by one, mandatory in this city.”


“I traced the ip address, and it’s the same as the office.”

“Wait,” Allan called out.

He chuckled a little bit, but it exploded into full laughter leaving Hicks confused.

‘You are so fucking smart,” Allan said.

“Does this mean I get to have your job when your fired?” Hicks asked delighted. 

Allan’s smile vanished. 

“How you know I’m being fired?” Allan asked astonished. 

“Everyone does.”


Allan shot Hicks in the chest. He went over to him as he laid on the ground gasping for air.

“Wait,” Hicks called out. “I have a pregnant, girlfriend. 

“And?” Allan asked. 

Allan shot Hicks again, this time in the head, dropping him dead. He got on the phone.

“Get over here,” Allan stated.

When the door opened, Allan smiled at who it was. 

“Took you long enough,” he said. 

“I was in the shower,” Marilyn stated. She saw Hicks’ body, and sighed. “Did you have to kill him now?”

“He was catching on to me. Sorry that I have to leave your son a bastard.” Allan moved up close to Marilyn as his moth got near her neck, and he spoke soft. “Maybe, I can be both of you new daddy.”

Marilyn shoved Allan off of her.

“What son?” Marilyn asked.

She stuck a needle into her stomach, and suddenly it got smaller until it was normal. Allan looked confused.

“Silicone, nobody would have never guess.”

“Wow, you really did play both of the brothers,” Allan chuckled with a sense of admiration.

“I did it as long as you stick to your end of the bargain.”

“Of course.”

“So where the fuck is Caiden?”

“I think I have an idea where he’s going.” 

“So you really think your brother set you up, with your girlfriend,” Bruce asked Caiden who was standing in front of him in his house as he sat in his couch. 

“Yes”! Caiden assured. “I don’t know who the hell to trust. Maybe he did it because he was jealous.”

Suddenly the doorbell rang. 

“Let me get that,” Bruce told.

When Bruce came back, Caiden was a little bit startled seeing he had come back with Allan and Marilyn. Allan held a garbage bag in his hands, as something round was in it. 

“She tried to kill me!” Caiden screamed.

“Oh dear, it was nothing personal,” Marilyn teased.

“You bitch,” Caiden scorned.

“Caiden, shut the fuck up,” Allan told. “Please, man you are so fucking irritating right now.”

Caiden noticed how the 3 stood side by side each other like they were buddies. He grew worried.

“What is this?” Caiden asked.

Marilyn lifted up her shirt revealing her flat stomach. 

“Surprise motherfucker!” Marilyn cheered sticking her tongue out. “I ain’t gonna have your baby.”

“You had an abortion?” Caiden asked sadden.

“Oh my god,” Allan sighed rolling his eyes. “She was never pregnant dip shit. Also she was indeed fucking your brother.”

“Hicks! I’m going to kill that son a bitch,” Caiden uttered under his breath. 

“Actually, I already have.”

Allan reached into the bag, and took out Hick’s severed head. His eyes were cut out, and his tongue stuck out. He rolled the head to a horrified Caiden.

“At least you two will be one big happy family,” Allan mocked. 

“Bruce, you’re in on this?” Caiden asked.

“Caiden, I did like you very much,” Bruce revealed. “But when Allan came to me that morning telling me he had the location of the troll farm, and that is was never a physical location, but instead on the dark web, something they discovered after bypassing so much firewall, where the information of hackers across the world were located at, he had me bending to his will to get it. If someone knew where the best hackers were, they’d have an unstoppable silent army. So he made a deal with me. Instead of selling the information to our enemies, he would let me have it, in return I make him deputy director when I leave, and we frame you. When the deal was made, that was when we rescinded the report they found it, and the rest as you know was history”

“But why me? You would have already gotten the job, what this have to do with me?” Caiden asked.

“Personally I never liked you,” Allan revealed.

“And you Marilyn?” Caiden asked.

“They just promised me money after they found out about me and your brother. The only person that wasn’t in on it was Hicks. He just wanted to fuck me and bring you in,” Marilyn explained. “But to be honest, our relationship was never going to last. You’re dick game just wasn’t strong enough, but your brother that man had pipe, but shit a bitch gotta get paid, am I right?”

Marilyn laughed. Suddenly the door was bust down, and a bunch of agents with weapons came storming in to everyone expect for Bruce’s surprise.

“T.D.A.!” they yelled. “You’re all under arrest.”

“Expect for the deputy director of course,” one of them blurted out. 

Allan noticed the smirk on Bruce’s face, who was now near the agents. 

“What the fuck is this?” Allan scorned.

“You think I would let you get away with blackmailing me. You’re going to fry just like the rest of you.”

Suddenly the windows were broken into by men swinging in by cables. They were all in suits with their guns out pointed at the agents on the other side. Now everyone including Bruce became shocked, but Allan became calm.

“Freeze motherfuckers!” the leader of the suited men yelled with a Hispanic accent. 

Now Brure noticed the smirk on Allan’s face who was now near the suits.

“You think I would give up millions of dollars just to take your spot?” Allan asked. “After you’re dead, I’ll have the money, and your job.” Allan took out a flash drive and handed it over to the leader suit. “All the information is on this drive, and it has been wiped from our computers at the agency. You’re the only one with it.”

“I’m going to have your ass for this, Allan,” Bruce threatened. “Fucking Brazilians.” 

“I’m Columbian, asshole,” the suited leader remarked.

Both sides kept their guns on each other, as Caiden and Marilyn stood in the middle. 

“Hey!” Marilyn suddenly called out, catching everyone by surprise. “None of you better pull a trigger until I get my fucking money you hear me? This shit isn’t going-.”

The suited leader shot Marilyn in the head, causing Caiden to gasp. Now he looked at his girlfriend’s body as she laid there with her eyes opened and smoke coming from her head. Nevertheless, the bitch deserved it. 

“Fuck this”!  a T.D.A. agent screamed.

At that moment all hell broke loose with gun fire sprawling out. Both sides took major hits as people were dropping to the ground while exchanging fire. In the midst of all the fire, Caiden on impulse put his hands around his head, as if that would have done something, and he closed his eyes. When he heard the gunshots stop, he opened them and was surprised to see everybody on the ground dead. He checked his body, but found no blood or bullet holes.

“Deus ex Machina,” Caiden gasped.

He checked the hidden camera on his shirt, and it was attached, having recorded everything that had taken place ever since had gotten to Bruce’s house. Now with all the evidence he needed he would be free of all the crimes he was falsely accused of. All he had to do was just post it on the net, for the world to see. As he got on his phone to upload the video to Tigro, he stopped suddenly. 

Do I really want to go back to my normal life, he thought. It was what he wanted, but was it what he needed, or deserved?? All his life, he lived comfortably according to the rules society dictated to him, and now he saw where they lead him. He had lost his colleagues, girlfriend, and brother, and now had almost nothing, so he contemplated was it worth going back to, or could a new life be ahead of him. One that was free, and he didn’t have to worry about pissing off some pansy ass bitch made person who took offensive to his comments. After thinking, he destroyed the chip inside the small camera on is shirt, and went on his phone. He took a picture of the scene, and typed a Tigro post with the picture of the dead bodies below it. 

Look what I just did. Caught me some bodies. T.D.A. should never fuck with me. I stay offending you bitch ass niggas! Fuck 12! 

Caiden’s finger hovered across the send button as he stared at it. He smiled, and pressed it. Within seconds hate comments came in, he knew it was on. He ran out the house, and went towards his car, but stopped at the nice car Bruce had. Might as well, he figured. Storming down the road, he drove in Bruce’s car, screaming in joy. 

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