Robo Reject

WARNING! This story is for mature audiences only. It contains strong language, extreme violence, and explicit sexual content. If you are underage or not mature enough, please refrain from reading this story. I have other writings that are more suitable for general audiences. I am not responsible for any hurt feelings.

DISCLAIMER: This story was written when I was around 20-21 years old back in 2017-2019. At that time, I found the world to be so absurd that it felt almost satirical to me. This story reflects that perspective at that time. It’s important to understand that this story is intended for mature readers who can appreciate the satirical elements within the writing. This story does not represent my general body of work, as I have refined my writing content and style over the years.

After losing his job, house, and family to a robot, a desperate man decides to take matters in his own hands to get revenge on robots.

It is not logical for art to be logical – Harold Rosenberg (Writer)

“I’m sorry Carl,” Mr. Wilson presented behind his desk in his comfy recliner chair. “You’re being laid off.”

“Wait, why?” Carl stammered, shooting out his seat.

“Take out a look,” Mr. Wilson pointed out with his hairy arms to the office where robots were working in cubicles. “Everyone is being replaced. You knew it was only a matter of time before it happened to you as well.”

“I worked here for 17 years,” Carl whimpered, eyes watery. “I have a wife and a daughter!”

“I understand how you feel. I mean hell, they’re going to lay me off pretty soon too,” Mr. Wilson chuckled to no satisfaction to Carl whose eyes wandered elsewhere in dismay as the words became distant to him. “Well at least I saved up.”

Mr. Wilson talked more to himself about his previous and future success as Carl brooded. Finally, the boss took notice of his worker’s disgruntle mood, and reached into his pocket.

“Here,” Mr. Wilson stated, handing Carl a card.

The words ASS 2 ASS Productions in cursive red lettering shot into Carl’s eyes as a drawing of a naked woman with a dildo in her ass up against another woman was next to the letters.

“You want me to do porn?’ Carl asked, seeming to be insulted.

“Of course not!” Mr. Wilson exclaimed, surprisingly in a defensive manner. His tone settled down. “They’re looking for a human to hold a camera. Apparently no robot wants that job. Can you blame them?”

Mr. Wilson extended his hand to Carl who sulked in the chair. He didn’t bother to look up at his boss as the tears in his eyes produced a dreary image of the floor.

“It was nice having you, Carl,” Mr. Wilson claimed, smiling hugely.

Carl stared at the smile, seeing his pearly whites. Seeing how the smug bastard could be so happy and patronizing in a moment where Carl’s life was being turned upside down, fueled rage inside of him. He leaped over the table, tackling his fat ass boss to the ground. On top of him he wrapped his hands around the bastard’s neck, which was a hard thing to do with all the fat covering it.

“You son of a bitch! 17 years, and you’re going to ace me?!” Carl yelled squeezing the life out of his boss.

As Carl pressed down harder, Mr. Wilson’s eyes turned more red, feet flopping, and hands pressing up against Carl’s face. It was no use. The more Mr. Wilson tried to fight it, the more Carl grew angry, and increased the pressure he applied, until Mr. Wilson fought no longer. His hands slid from Carl’s face as his eyes stood still. Carl finally released his grip, letting out a huge breath of air. He slowly risen to his feet where he stood over the corpse of his boss whose entire head was purple, and whose eyes gave Carl a cold frozen stare. A sinister smile shot across Carl’s face as he felt a sense of accomplishment.

“Good luck out there, Carl,” Mr. Wilson spoke, snapping Carl out of his daydream.

He shook his boss’s hand, and took that ass whopping like a good boy. Carl got to his feet and traipsed out the door as Mr. Wilson kept waving at him. He moved through the office floor, not being seen by the passing robots as they tended to their work. It was as if he didn’t exist to them or anyone at all. The black hole Carl felt himself in came to a halt when he stopped at a particular cubicle, where a robot was throwing personal items from the desk into the trash can.

“What are you doing?” Carl asked the robot.

This one was taller than him like a basketball player with arms stretching down to the floor. Is there any reason they have to make you taller than us? Carl wondered staring into the robot’s yellow eyes.

“I’m cleaning out this office space.  It’s mine now,” the robot replied throwing a picture of a mother and her young daughter into the trash bin.

“Hey that’s mine!” Carl yelled as he tried to catch the frame before it hit the bin, but it was too late.

“Well here you go,” the robot offered, handing Carl the bin filled with trash and belongings. “With this office being mine, you can have all of this. Seeing how trash does belong with trash.”

“What did you say to me?” Carl questioned, insulted and surprised at the same time, glaring into the robot’s yellow eyes. “You mother fucker I never knew your kind had that kind of humor?”

The robot smiled, holding a smug expression on his face, one that Carl ached to knock the lights out of.

“It’s not humor. It’s the truth,” the robot’s tone turned to one of disgust. “You humans went from sending each other to the moon, to relying on machinery to wipe your own asses. It’s disgusting.” The robot turned is back, where he sat in his chair and typed on the computer. “Now if you excuse me, I have work to do.”

Carl stuttered over his words as he tried desperately for something to say. The anger and sudden confusion, kept his tongue tied as he kept stuttering at the robot who kept typing, being pleased with how dumbfounded he left Carl. With nothing to retort with, Carl stomped away.

His house felt like a dead space to him as the heavyweight of disappointment hit his chest.

“Karen, I’m home,” Carl called out as he looked around the contemporary living room.

Suspicion grew a little inside him, for he had seen her car parked outside. Still with no answer, things didn’t seem right.

“Karen,” he repeated, as he headed for the closed door upstairs.

As he got closer, he heard music playing in the room. He proceed to open the door.

“Jess-,” he stopped with his mouth hung open in shock  at what was in front of him in the bed.

A robot, one he never seen before, having his wife bent over the bed as he dicked her down. There Carl stood, frozen watching as he was being replaced. They didn’t even notice him standing there as they kept screwing.

“Please, please!” Karen moaned with her eyes closed.

The robot turned his head and saw Carl standing there. He gave Carl a devilish grin and kept plowing his wife, eyes focus back on Karen as if Carl wasn’t there. Karen’s moans grew louder as she still didn’t see Carl due to her eyes being closed from having an orgasm. Carl looked at Karen, seeing how loud she screamed. He felt his pride collapse, as he had never seen her have so much fun, be so wild like that with him. He saw a side he had never seen from her before.

Finally they finished, and the robot zipped up his pants leaving Karen but naked on the bed, where her body convulsed and her vagina squirted out on the sheets. It was like she was possessed as her body shook tremendously. Her body shook as if she was having an exorcism and the Holy Ghost went right through her body. He had never been able to get her to have an orgasm before, and this metal clunk was able to do it with ease. How could he ever feel like man ever again?

“Oh you must be Carl?” the robot mocked with a smile. “I was just giving your wife a taste.”

“Hey Carl,” Karen waved, exhausted as she covered herself in the sheets. Clearly they didn’t care they were caught.

“What, what is this?” Carl stammered, trembling in his shoes.

“Oh Carl can’t you see?” Karen questioned in a patronizing tone. “I don’t need you anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t make enough money, you have a small dick, and I’m ashamed of you,” Karen proclaimed. She nodded to the robot. “But this guy, he is so much more of a man than you.”

“But I came home to tell you I’ve been fired,” Carl whimpered.

“I don’t care, it’s over. I already filed for divorce. My dad bought some good lawyers, and you’re not getting anything. The house is going to be mine.”

Carl stood there, eyes moving everywhere as he tried to figure out the situation he was in, speechless at it all.

“And you know what else is going to be mine besides your wife’s hot ass?” the robot questioned, grinning at Carl. “Your daughter. She’s going to be calling me daddy from now on.”

The robot and Karen burst out laughing like maniacs as tears filled Carl’s eyes. He grew furious and marched over to the robot.

“Why you son of a bitch!” Carl yelled as he swung at the robot.

On impact with the robot’s face, Carl’s hand cracked and he yelled like a baby. The robot didn’t flinch as he stood there smiling. Carl favored his hand as he looked on like a wounded animal.

“You’re so pathetic. Get the fuck out of my house,” Karen scorned.

“Daddy,” a little girl’s voice called out.

Carl turned around and saw a girl no older than 5 standing there with innocent eyes, and a curious look on her face.

“Sweetie,” Carl gasped. “Lara, come to me.”

The little girl went towards Carl as he held his arms out. Right before he could wrap them around her she went past him, and towards the robot who she put her arms around his legs. The robot patted her head.

“Who is this man?” Lara questioned.

“Just someone who is about to leave,” the robot answered.

“What did you do to her?” Carl asked.

“We got her memory wiped of everything of you, and it’s replaced with him,” Karen revealed, giggling.

“How could you!” Carl barked. “Do you even know his name? You keep saying him.”

“No, but who cares? His dick is good!” Karen screamed, laughing.

Karen and the robot kept laughing at Carl as Lara stood there confused.

“I’m not leaving here. This is my house, and my fucking family!” Carl barked.

“Oh please,” the robot chuckled.

Next thing Carl knew, he was flying out the downstairs window, landing face first in the lawn. Glass and dirt covering him, he slowly got up, feeling the pain in his body.

Carl sat at the diner counter, smelling like shit. He hadn’t found a place to shower now that he had no home. He was thinking of getting a hotel soon. A waitress, blonde curly hair and red lipstick, approached him with a plate holding a grill cheese sandwich and French fries.

“You’re human right?” Carl whimpered towards the waitress with sullen face.

“What?” the waitress responded.

Carl clutched his hands around her shoulders, startling her.

“Please tell me, are you real?” Carl begged.

“Get the fuck off me!” the woman barked pushing Carl back.

Attendants in the diner turned their attention to the commotion. Realizing how much of an ass he looked, Carl gave up and slumped in his seat. Everyone turned their attention back.

“Asshole,” the waitress scorned, before she marched away with pride.

Carl played with his French fries in a depressing way as he wiggled them in front of himself. The tv screen caught his attention where a news reporter was in a hospital room. Right next to the reporter lying in the bed was a woman holding her baby as a robot had his arm over the woman. The robot looked happy with the woman as down below the headline read Woman Gives Birth To Human Baby By A Robot.

“Disgusting ain’t it?” a man called out right next to Carl, causing Carl to turn his attention to him. “First they take our jobs, our women, and now our kids. Before you know it, they’ll replace us completely.”

“Well what can we do?” Carl asked rhetorically, taking his focus off the man. “They’re better than us.”

“No they’re not.” The man scooted a few seats next to Carl, so now Carl could smell his garlic breath. “We created them. We’re their Gods, but every now and then the creation forgets its place, and that’s when God need to remind them. Someone needs to do something.”

The man got up, and left, leaving Carl pondering as he stared at the television screen.

“That’ll be 500 dollars even,” the clerk with a ponytail and beer gut revealed.

Carl handed over the left over money he had taken out of his bank. As the clerk put it in the cash register Carl looked at the weaponry on the wall: automatics, rocket launchers, grenades; everything to start a war like fucking Rambo hung there.

“Well it was nice doing business with you,” the clerk assured with a smile.

“Where is it?” Carl questioned, dumbfounded.

“Check your pocket,” the clerk pointed out confidently.

Carl felt a sudden increase of weight in his coat pocket. He reached inside and took out a pistol. He scoped it in disbelief.

“It’s already fully loaded, and if you run out of bullets, don’t worry because it automatically reloads,” the clerk informed.

“How, how did-?” Carl stuttered.

“It’s all part of the game man,” the clerk interrupted. “I mean isn’t life all a game? You come into a gun shop in California that sells rocket launchers and grenades. You buy a gun without having to wait 15 days or go through a background check, and it automatically appears in your coat with bullets that will reload automatically.

Does it really matter how any of this makes sense? As long as it’s cool, funny, and fun who gives a shit? Now I’m about to stand right here as if this is all I do 24/7, while you go out there and probably do something dangerous with that gun, and no responsibility will be directed towards me.”

Carl’s curious expression changed into a smile. He left the shop with a stride in his step.

The door to his former house was unlocked by his key. Idiots, didn’t change the lock yet, Carl thought as he stepped into his former house. He knew exactly what he wanted, so he marched to the bedroom. When he got closer, he heard the same moans from earlier today, and he grew furious, but then a smirk came across his face. He opened the slightly opened door completely, being unseen by the robot and his ex-wife.

There on the bed, Karen was giving the robot the go around as she was on top, riding him like a maniac, screaming endlessly into the roof. Carl stood there with the gun pointed as watched the scene, becoming entrapped into it for a moment as if he liked watching his former lover get fucked by another man.

Finally the robot spotted Carl behind them, and gasped.

“Get off me bitch!” the robot yelled, throwing Karen to the side of him.

The two remained under the sheets, side by side as they looked at Carl. Carl could see the disbelief in their eyes, how for the first time they were both scared, but the robot tried his best to compose himself.

“Easy there cowboy,” the robot chuckled and smiled, trying his best to hid his fear as he held his hand out. “You don’t-.”

The robot was interrupted by the bullet that struck him right between the eyes, sending him slumped on the bed with blood pouring onto the white bed sheets. Karen gasped as a brief silence swept the room and she looked at the corpse in shock.

“No!” Karen screamed breaking her silence as she put her hands around the robot, cuddling him in her arms.

She cried as she buried her face into his’ as if that would bring him back. Carl looked at the sight with a frozen face until he chuckled. He kept chuckling, but tried to hold it back as he bit onto his tongue. Ultimately it was no use, as Carl burst out laughing, not caring about Karen’s current state.

Karen turned her attention to Carl, starting to wipe her tears off her face as she grew angry.

“You son of a bitch!” Karen screamed now with anger. “I hate-.”

Carl shot her in the head too, and she collapsed with her mouth wide open on the robot’s dick area covered by the sheets. Yellow liquid oozed from the robot’s mouth and eyes.

“How you like his dick now?” Carl asked, with a smirk.

Suddenly he heard footsteps behind him, being startled he turned around and accidently pulled the trigger. When he saw the little girl in front of him who now had a growing dark spot around her chest, he dropped the gun. His daughter looked at the blood, and looked at him with a confused look. She dropped the ground.

“No!” Carl yelled rushing over to Lara’s body.

He held her in his arms as he began to cry. Lara looked at the blood on her hands, surveying it as if she didn’t understand what was happening.

“I feel weird,” Lara gasped as her voice was growing faint.

“It’s okay, everything is going to be alright,” Carl lied, brushing Lara’s hair with his hand.

“What’s going to happen to me?”

“You’re going to go to a better place,” Carl wept as tears flushed down his eyes.

“Will my mom and dad be there?”

Carl didn’t respond for a moment.

“Yes,” he wept.

“You’re that man from earlier. Are you a friend?”

Carl thought about what to say as he whispered to himself. He looked his daughter in the eyes, moving his face closer to her face.”

“No, I am your father.”

“No, that’s not true,” Nora whispered, taking a gulp as it was obvious too painful to speak. “That’s impossible.”

Carl kept her in his arms and buried her face down as he screamed. When he finally looked up, he noticed yellow liquid coming out of her mouth and eyes. The tears started to go away as he came across the revelation. He threw Lara down and shot up from the ground. He stared at the almost dead girl as his mind raced back and forth.  Lara was close to death as she barely raised her arm towards Carl.

“Help me please,” Lara begged faintly. “Father.”

At this moment, Carl’s tears were gone and replaced with a look of detachment. He raised his gun.

“Fuck Star Wars,” Carl uttered.

He emptied the whole clip into Lara’s body. Her body flopped with each bullet penetrating her chest, until there were no more to fire. When a dry click sound was heard from the gun, it automatically reloaded and when Carl press down, more bullets came out. It was a beautiful sight for Carl. The sound of gun fire, the flash from each shot all synced with the convulsion of the girl’s body was some pretty hardcore shit. He had fired at least 69 rounds into the little bot bitch’s body before he grew bored. He stood over the bullet riddled body of the little girl or whatever she was.

He walked over to the safe, remembering the combination, and took out a one hundred million dollar bill with the Bernie Sanders face on it. He kissed the bill, before putting it in his pocket.

He walked towards the door, but stopped and turned around, giving the murder scene one last look. He smiled.

Driving down the street in a Ferrari Carl looked in the back mirror where he saw two naked girls going ass to ass with dildos in the back seat. He then shifted his eyes to the side of him where a woman was giving him a blow job in the front, and he grinned like a child.

“Shit man boi!” Carl screamed with enthusiasm flying down the highway into the sun set.

The screened flashed red, with the words Simulation is Over as the female voice repeated them. Carl took off the googles, as he laid in the leather chair. In front of him stood Karen and Lara smiling at him.

“So how did you like it, Mr. Evans?” a man with a name tag asked, hovering over Carl.

Car stared at the googles in his hands with a concerned look. He then turned to the worker with a grin and said,

“I’ll take two.”