John Wick Director Wants to Make a Star Wars Movie

Chad Stahelski, renowned for his directorial work on the “John Wick” series, has recently expressed a keen interest in the “Star Wars” universe. Known for his action-packed and intense filmmaking style, Stahelski has openly shared his passion for “Star Wars,” revealing that the original film was a life-changing experience for him. His connection to “Star Wars” goes beyond mere fandom; he has specific ideas for the franchise, hinting at his desire to bring a fresh perspective to its storied universe.

In an interview on the “Happy Sad Confused” podcast with Josh Horowitz, Stahelski made it clear that his ambition to contribute to “Star Wars” is more than just wishful thinking. He boldly stated, “I’m a Star Wars guy, like the first Star Wars changed my life course. Maybe someday out there, Disney, if you’re listening.” This remark not only showcases his enthusiasm but also serves as a direct appeal to Disney, the current custodians of the “Star Wars” franchise​​​​.

Stahelski’s approach to filmmaking, characterized by a unique blend of stylized action and deep narrative, could offer a new dimension to “Star Wars.” His work on “John Wick” demonstrates his ability to craft compelling stories that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant. This skill set could be particularly beneficial in expanding the “Star Wars” universe, which is known for its epic storytelling and rich lore.

Moreover, Stahelski’s interest in “Star Wars” is not limited to the main saga; he also expressed a willingness to explore other major Disney intellectual properties, including “Blade” from the Marvel universe. “Of all the things out there, I’d take a swing at Blade in a second,” he stated, showcasing his versatility and openness to tackling different genres within the Disney umbrella​​.

It’s important to note that while Stahelski is keen on joining the “Star Wars” project, he is also aware of the potential challenges. Working within an established franchise like “Star Wars” comes with certain constraints and expectations. Stahelski acknowledged this, saying, “Why work within somebody else’s parameters of what I feel to be a duel or mythology when I can create?” This statement reflects his desire to maintain creative freedom while also respecting the established boundaries of the “Star Wars” universe​​.

In the meantime, Stahelski continues to expand the “John Wick” franchise, with a fifth installment in early development. His commitment to “John Wick” indicates his dedication to building and evolving a cinematic universe, a skill that could translate well to the “Star Wars” realm.

In conclusion, Chad Stahelski’s interest in “Star Wars” presents an intriguing possibility for the franchise. His proven track record in the action genre and his deep respect for the “Star Wars” legacy make him a potential candidate for bringing new stories to life in this beloved universe. While there’s no confirmation of his involvement in any “Star Wars” project as of yet, his enthusiasm and innovative ideas could open the door to exciting new chapters in the “Star Wars” saga.